Sunday, 30 June 2013

Introduction: Maeve Kelehan

   Why, hello there! This is me, the other half of Amazing Animals. My name is Maeve Kelehan. My friend and I are making this blog all about amazing animals. You know the deal, Elvish Kitty explained everything to you already.
  If you want to check it out and I would be very happy if you do, here is my personal blog where you can find a lot about me and just what I do:
   I own a cute little Yorkshire Terrier female dog named Maggie. She is one of the cutest things ever.

  I love her very much.  Elvish Kitty and I shall upload more pictures of our pets as time goes on.
  In this blog, as Elvish Kitty already explained, we will shower you with facts about, well, Amazing Animals! But, wait, we will not simply be copying and pasting, oh no. We will explain all the details about the amazing animal in the most fun, cheery way we can!
   So, yeah, I guess that's it from me, goodbye and have a very slothy day!

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