Saturday, 29 June 2013

Introduction: Elvish Kitty

Hello all, my name is Elvish Kitty. Not my real name, my blogger one! Anyway, this is mine and Maeve Kelehan's blog about amazing, awesome, and unusual animals. We will be blogging daily (hopefully), taking turns each day. This is my introduction, just because it's rude to skip pleasantries and every other post will follow. After Maeve's introduction.
Of course, since this is a blog about animals, I have to have an interest in them! Myself, I own five cats. two Main Coons, two Somalis and one other one which no one knows what breed she is. Not even me...
Some of you (my other readers) will know a lot about me from my first post on my first blog, but for the majority of you that don't, you can visit my own blog here:
Now you can know even more about me! I'm sure you're all very happy, and moving on, I will tell you a little of what this blog is going to be about!

There will be a post each day about any random animal that we choose. Sometime this might be a themed week (E.G: Mammals, Amphibians, e.t.c) and we are always open to suggestions of which animal you want to learn about. Post it in the comments, or send us a message.
The posts will go in detail about each animal and will more than likely be very long. For this reason, we may decide to put a page break somewhere around the middle, so make sure that you check the end of the post in case you missed some of the fun details. Just a warning!
We are also going to do special themed pages of an animal of our choice. Maeve has picked a sloth and I an armadillo, so they will get a whole page to themselves. The pages will more probably have pictures and a lot of text, so of you can sit all that time out, you are very much free to do so.
We are also planning to do Observation Pages on our pets, me my cats, and Maeve her dog. We will include random updates, doing of our pets and interesting things we find out, e.t.c...
And finally, we want you to enjoy our blog and have fun!
Until next time,
Elvish Kitty.

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