Observation: Elvish Kitty

Hello everyone, readers and visitors alike! This is my observation page on my cats. On this page I will make notes and observations about my cats and their lives. Each week (possibly) I will make a short update on their doing and funny things, behaviour and various preferences. In short, blogs about my pets!
Here are the names and short descriptions about my pets:
Echo: A fawn-coloured female Somali cat. Quite the little ball of fluff! She is a complete purr machine (as I mentioned in my post, Remedy Kittes on my own blog. Go ahead and check it out if you want!). She can be very grouchy, as she was when she was a little kitten, but usually she is full of energy and happiness.
Rambo: Brother of Echo, and a naughty kitten at heart. He has a chocolate-ginger coat and it really hurts when he insists on head butting you with all his power. He is the most energetic and purring cat we have and loves the food in his neighbours bowl.
Kisik: Also known as Lurkeeyo, Kisik is the largest cat in the house. Being a Maine Coon, he is naturally large, but his voice is not quite suited for his stature. He always meows like a tiny kitten - which is funny seeing as he had a deep baritone voice when he was a tiny kitten. His coat is black and beige and he loves his niece, Lucretia. HE can never sit still for a long while.
Lucretia: Another Maine Coon, and the niece of Kisik. A sort of dark grey-light grey coat, and a very shy nature. She hates loud noises and loves it when you rub behind her ear!
Gammi:  Gammi is a very grouchy and wailing cat. She has the most high-pitched annoying voice and can be a real nuisance...when she isn't a really sweet kitty that purrs on your lap and warms you up during winter! Her fur is mostly black, but she has splashes of brown and cream too. Beware of her bite though - it hurts!

Update: June 30th, 2013
Lucretia seems to be in a very good mood. She plopped down on the couch yesterday and stayed there all the while I practised my music. I'm surprised she stayed while I was trying to sing the notes on my piano!
I also found out today if my cat is sitting on the stairs and I am a floor up, and I look down, she stares at me for a long time before running up and meowing at me. This way I attracted all my cats to my room in less than five minutes - I feel like a human magnet!
Kisik and Echo
Update: July 1st, 2013
Gammi is trying to type with her tail on my keyboard. Needless to say, it is not working! 
My dad also tried to take Rambo for a walk today, but my mum must have protested because he was brought back in the very same minute.
Also, I've discovered the cats' sneaky tactic for getting food from our plates on the kitchen table. Usually, they creep up and sit on my mum's lap and discreetly dip their tails in out food - no wonder cat hair is a natural spice to our dishes. Ew.


  1. I said no because there was no lead at all, and Rambo has a very sharp claws, so that can be very dangerous. Alex and Rambo were came back in one minute in full uniform :)

    and Lucretia's colour is fancy "black silver" :)

    1. Oh yes, I forgot about that! (Not about the claws though - i remember the eye incident perfectly).
      I probably need to update Lucretia's colour then, but I still say that it's light grey-dark grey. Because it looks like it! :)